Wallet Features

Conversion of existing QuikWallet Users

  • No Credit/Loading allowed till minimum details obtained.
  • One time option to transfer balance to bank without charges and to close account.
  • Wallets having balance more than 10K- One time option to transfer amount to bank without charges

PPI Upto-10K

  • Minimum Details without repetition:
  • OTP Verified Mobile Number
  • Self Declaration of Name
  • UIN of officially valid document
  • Loading should not exceed 10K P.M. & 1 Lakh P.A.
  • Outstanding should not Exceed 10K
  • Only Loading/ Reloading and payment is allowed. Wallet to Wallet and Wallet to Bank is not Allowed
  • Validity 12 month after that conversion in full KYC if no KYC done then no Loading & Credit Allowed
  • Option to close account and the outstanding should go back to source.

PPI Upto- 1 Lakh

  • Outstanding should not exceed 1 lakh
  • Pre Designated Bank account Details of own account where the outstanding balance will be transferred while closing account in future
  • P To B: Transfer Limit 1 Lakh & Pre registered beneficiary & Limit of transfer
  • P To P: Transfer Limit 10K P.M.

Other Features of Wallet includes

  • Same login in other device then previous device logout option.
  • After 5 attempt of login timeout feature
  • Cooling period after opening & loading wallet of 24 hours
  • SMS Alert of Successful transaction done with debit /Credit amount and available balance
  • Timely SMS alert to educate customers for not sharing password, Passcode & OTP
  • Account statement generation in app for at least last 6 months having Date-Debit/Credit- Net balance
  • Transaction history of Past 10 transaction

Validity and Redemption

  • One year from last Loading/Reloading
  • 45 Days before expiry caution SMS to be sent in regular Intervals


Write to us at support@livquik.com